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19th Century Coverlets Americana Folk Art From a Time Gone By

I just purchased a gorgeous pristine Antique Woven Coverlet .. dates from 1850s Ohio signed by Weaver Daniel Bury American Folk Art from a time gone by.



Below is history of Coverlets.

The National Museum of the American Coverlet focuses on antique American woven coverlets. Dated coverlets in the collection range from 1771 to 1889.

Coverlets are woven bedcovers, used as the topmost covering on a bed. The weaver worked on a loom to construct the textile itself one row at a time, and the pattern was woven in as part of the process.

In comparison, quilts are often made by cutting and assembling pattern pieces, then sewing them to a backing with a filler material in between – much like a sandwich.

A quilt is generally assembled from pre-existing cloth.
A coverlet is made from scratch.

Woven coverlets were popular in many states during the early-to-mid nineteenth century (1800s).

Coverlets were woven by both men and women. The two main types are called geometric and figured and fancy.

The pattern motifs in geometrics are based on circles and squares.

Geometric coverlets were woven by both women and men. Women generally produced them for their own use at home, or for barter with a neighbor. However, since there wasn’t a loom (and all the related equipment) in every household, there were professional weavers as well – usually men – filling in the needs of the community.

The patterns in figured and fancy coverlets are curvilinear and realistic and can include floral, animal, architectural and other motifs. These are the coverlets that most often contain inscriptions. Inscriptions can include the weaver’s name, his location, the year it was made, the name of the person it was made for, and sometimes a slogan of some sort.

Figured and fancy coverlets were virtually all made by professional weavers – men. So when you see a woman’s name on a figured coverlet, it is the client/owner, not the weaver.

Coverlets were generally made of wool and cotton, although some are all wool. The wool was usually hand-spun and dyed with natural dyes. The cotton was most often machine-spun and left undyed. *

Unlike quilts, coverlets are reversible – intended to be used on either side.

That is why, when a coverlet has an inscription, it is almost always woven in backwards and forwards, to enable the observer to read it on both sides of the textile.

from the national museum of coverlets


The newest trend in decorating seems to be shopping at vintage markets and junk shows. These Vintage Shopping  venues pop up every couple months or quarterly all over the valley and they draw crowds..  I myself prefer shopping at Antique Malls where everyday is a Vintage Market, though I have been known to do my own impulse shopping at a few pop ups around the valley. I actually like attending Pop up markets, they  have a large selection of ” rusty gold ” and you can get some wonderful decorating ideas and DIY projects for your own making. I usually go to the vintage markets on the last day, I am not a fan of crowds.

Vintage markets entice impulse shopping you have no time to think about your purchase because tomorrow the venue will be gone so be careful.  Impulse shopping is great for the vendors not so good for the shopper, if you are not careful you will end up with many items you cannot use, but on the bright side, you just might become a vendor yourself one day. junk2junk3junk4

If you do not want to wait for the next market, Any of these Vintage Market Items could be purchased from an Antique Mall at fractions of the pop up venues. Remember most of the vendors from the Vintage Markets rent space at local Antique Malls in your area.

I like to Save money and shop at local Antique Malls where everyday is a Vintage Market. You want to redecorate or find a special treasure to re purpose you don’t have to wait 3 months or pay admission you  just have to  drive to the local Antiques Mall.  Prices at Malls are much more reasonable than pop up markets, especially for big items. I have seen buffets, and hutches at Vintage Market priced 3 times what I would pay at an Antique  Mall.  At most Antique Malls you can ask to hold a large item while you go home to take measurements, or just envision the item in you home, and most will allow layaway on items priced over  $100.

Below are some items for sale @ Michelle’s Antiques at Antique Plaza


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Antique Civil War Photo Album


Antique Photo Album from the estate of heir to Susan Kemper Rife the album is filled with Civil War Era Photos. Signed Photo of Lt Rife US Army , and other family members of Rife and Kemper Family. Also signed photo to Lt Rife from the two smallest men in world and two other dwarf photos. Album is in very good condition. Pat. 1865.

Joseph B Rife was mustered into Co G 6 Pa Reserves as a private on July 27, 1861 as Washington, DC. He was promoted to 1st Sergeant. He was discharged on August 5, 1861 to accept promotion as 2nd lieutenant in the 6th US Infantry. Rife was 21 years old at the time of enlistment, stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, had black hair, a dark complexion and dark eyes. He resided in Middletown, Pa

Adam Kemper was Captain of Company K, 6th United States Colored Troops Heavy Artillery unit stationed in Mississippi in 1864. Kemper originally served as a first sergeant with the 46th Illinois before becoming an officer with the 6th USCT Heavy Artillery.

Album is for sale, Iv owned it for over 35yrs.. $595

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