Hunting For Sleepers In Antique Malls

What is a ” Sleeper ” you ask ? A Sleeper is a bargain, an undervalued collectible or antique. Sleepers can be found just about anywhere, Live Auctions, Online Venues, and my favorite hunting ground, Antique Malls !

I go with my gut instinct, I found an awesome piece of Victorian Glass in the Basement of the Antique Plaza, it just looked good, priced at $15.00 I had to have it. Turned out this little jem Libbey Maize Pattern Glass from late 19th C. Sold for $200 Score!


Another  Antique Sleeper was found in a small Glendale Antique Mall, I stumbled upon a fantastic Antique Drugstore Candy Jar, priced at $20 I wondered if it was a reproduction being priced so cheap.. I purchased it. Turns out it was a rare Coca Cola Pepsin Gum Jar value $500 ! Score.


Just last week I opened a case for a customer in the Antique Plaza Annex, to show a small brass bell.  He scored a beautiful sleeper, a Camel Corp Bell circa 19th C. price $12.00 . Score !


I believe a sleeper can be found in any Antique Mall, though Bargains are not as plentiful as they used to be, the sleeper can still be found. Happy Hunting !

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Michelle's Antiques llc 418 N. Hunt located off University at Hunt Dr. look for our signs. An eclectic shop filled with curated items from the PAST.

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