Altered Art Found Object Art

Everything old is new again. The practice of altering existing works of art goes back to the Middle Ages,  the monks would conserve their precious stocks of parchment by reusing old manuscripts, often incompletely obscuring what was there before. Leonardo da Vinci was known to paint over his own works of art leaving portions ofContinue reading “Altered Art Found Object Art”

How To Become An Antique Dealer #3

Setting Up Shop : Renting retail space can be pricey, plus the expense of utilities, credit card machine, and advertising costs can eat into your potential profits. Consider starting your business in a local Antique Mall or Collective.  Antique Malls are rent is inclusive, search out a reputable Mall. Choosing the Right Mall, Ask Questions:Continue reading “How To Become An Antique Dealer #3”

How To Become An Antique Dealer #2

Stay on top of Trends and Know How To Price To Sell ! In the past 10 years, we dealers have had to compete with online auctions like eBay and we struggle to gain new collectors at a time when the market is flooded with low-cost, mass-manufactured reproduction choices. Some think the  industry is inContinue reading “How To Become An Antique Dealer #2”