Should You Hire a Professional Estate Liquidator ?

c793a-asel_logoBefore you have a garage sale Ask yourself this question.
Should I hire a Professional Estate Sale company?

Hire an Estate Sale Company Or Do It Yourself?

Reasons you should consider an Estate Liquidator.

Families often find themselves needing to sell the contents of a house so it can be sold or passed on to a family member, or when you are moving .. or facing a divorce.

Do we hire a professional or do we do it ourselves?
Some reasons you should hire a professional estate sale
company .

1. You may have a house filled with valuable antiques and or a newer home filled with name-brand appliances, furniture and high-end designer clothes. An Estate Liquidation Professional will be able to determine fair market value on all these items and help you and your family get the most possible for them.

2. You hire a professional estate sale company for the same reason you hired an attorney to help through the probate process – They know what they’re doing.

3. A reputable estate sales company will have a vast knowledge of antiques, vintage, collectibles and newer household furniture and products. This knowledge determines the results of your sale.

4. You will have less Stress -This is the #1 Reason because I know how much goes into doing an Estate Sale and I guarantee the stress it will bring you and your family if you do it yourself will be far more than you imagined. A truly professional estate sale company can ease your burden and give you peace of mind when you need it most.

5. You don’t really have the know-how – Think about it. How many estate sales have you done? Even if you added “yard sales or garage sales” (which are a far cry from a professionally run Estate Sale) I am sure the number is between zero and two. Our estate sale company has done hundreds.

6. And we know how to price to help you achieve more $$ in your pocket. When you hire an expert to do your estate sale one of the most important reasons is they have knowledge you don’t have.
It takes experience to rapidly sort through the estate items, decide what is salable, how to price for high sales and profit, how to display and present the home.

7. Doing it on your own is emotionally and physically exhausting. A good estate sale company will have the expertise to make a welcoming atmosphere and attractive displays that honor the home and produce high sales

8. Sorting treasure from trash is something we have done many times. A professional estate sale company should be able to set up most households in just a few days and make it look great. And Estate Sales can bring you more dollars for your household items..

Most Estate Sale Companies do not charge for a consultation. We can help you decide the best venue for  selling your collections of a lifetime.

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