Vintage Restaurant Ware China

Restaurant ware, are plates, bowls, cups and saucers, and other simialr items such as creamers and side dishes made especially for use in restaurants. Homer Laughlin, Shenango, Sterling, Jackson, Wallace, Syracuse, Tepco, and Buffalo are some of the best known manufacturers of restaurant ware. Restaurant ware is generally heavier than dinnerware produced for the home. Some of the most collected types of restaurant ware include airbrushed pieces, western themes ( Cowboy Ranch Patterns are popular), and plates bearing an establishment’s logo is also highly sought after. You can mix and match different manufactures, made the same patterns using different names.

It’s fun to try and hunt for a full place setting of any pattern, plate, cup and saucer. There are also gravy and syrup pitchers, platters, water pitchers and pieces made for railroads, airlines, trains and institutions. These vintage charmers can add a whimsical touch to any table setting, most are reasonably priced and can be used on a daily basis. They were made tough to withstand the constant use in diners and casual restaurants. Here’s a few of the pieces I have for sale

:cowboy1.  Set of 6 Vintage Restaurant Mugs For Sale Dealer #117 in the Antique Plaza Antique Mall..

cowboy2 Set of 8 Restaurant Plates  Dealer #117 in Antique Plaza Antique Mall

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