How To Become An Antique Dealer

So you want to be an Antiques Dealer .. Becoming an antiques dealer sounds like a easy way to make money. Everyone has seen the Antiques Roadshow where a $2 item turns out to be worth a small fortune.But there is so much more that needs to be learned about the antiques business plus you need to have good eye to spot  desirable items..

English: Antiques being sold on Colaba Causeway

Image Credit: Antiques

Begin a Library

My Mentor in the Business was my Mom an Antiques Dealer and Appraiser.  Mom’s first advise to me, read books ! She encouraged me to increase my library,  purchasing a book a month. Folks are always asking me how I know the pattern or manufacture of a certain item, my answer  ” I read the Book ”  Whether you want to collect antiques as a hobby or to turn it into a business, you have to have an interest , you have to  develop an ‘eye’ for antiques, and you have to study. Read books and magazines to learn about various objects, so that you learn to spot the fakes from a genuine antique. Your interest will develop into a passion, and may become all encompassing as you learn more. . You should expect the studying to take years and it never stops,  talking to experienced antique dealers is an excellent way to learn. Ask as many questions as you can about different items. My Mom mentored many  future dealers over the years, as she was once mentored by others before.


We have all read about  items that are bought for a few dollars actually being rare antiques and sold for thousands, this is most unusual. Read Read Read, then when you find yourself at a local Antiques Mall, Flea Market or Yard Sale, voila you score one of those a sleepers.


Stay on top of market trends, know values, and know your customer base, with hard works, lots of study you can build yourself a successful business.

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