How To Become An Antique Dealer #3

Setting Up Shop : Renting retail space can be pricey, plus the expense of utilities, credit card machine, and advertising costs can eat into your potential profits. Consider starting your business in a local Antique Mall or Collective.  Antique Malls are rent is inclusive, search out a reputable Mall.

Inside the Antique Plaza
Inside the Antique Plaza

Choosing the Right Mall, Ask Questions: How long have they been in business, talk to the dealers already selling in the Mall they can be a wealth of knowledge. Location of an Antique Mall.  Antique shops and dealers do well when they cluster and together become a focal point or destination keep this in mind when choosing which Mall works best for you.

Stroll tree lined streets, shop Antiques, Boutiques, Visit Restaurants and Galleries..
Stroll tree lined streets, shop Antiques, Boutiques, Visit Restaurants and Galleries..

Start Small : My first space in the Plaza was a small area, and slowly grew my business over the years. Get your feet wet by renting a case or small area.

Price Right : Do not use price guide and auction sites for your pricing, these are only guides a starting point. Remember auctions prices are the result of 2 people fighting for the same item in the heat of the moment . That very same item may sell for a fraction of this the next time it appears.  And the same goes for buying, do not buy items based on guide prices or auction results. Also take into account condition, many items get top dollars based on condition. Take into consideration Location, something that sell for $150 in New York may only sell for $50 in Mesa Arizona.

Most important to be successful dealing in Antiques, you have to have a passion and love of the antiques, and a realistic business attitude and a lot of energy. Buying and selling is addictive once you get hooked its hard to stop.

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Michelle's Antiques llc 418 N. Hunt located off University at Hunt Dr. look for our signs. An eclectic shop filled with curated items from the PAST.

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