21st Century Decorating Bohemian Style

What is Bohemian Style ? Bohemian style is all about creating warmth and interest.  It is a busy, cluttered style with a lot of interesting things going on.  There is a lot of freedom with this style and many room decorating ideas to choose from.
A Bohemian style home in the 21st Century is a place where creativity, individuality, and a wild mix of color and pattern meet in our modern environment.
Bohemian furniture is unique. bohotable Victorian sofas are great for bohemian decor, but you can also take a regular couch and throw on an elaborate tapestry.   Antique Malls and Vintage Markets are great for finding Bohemian furniture!

I have always decorated with a Bohemian Flare, I came of age in the 1970s. Decorating   with  ’70s chic,  Shag rugs, Macrame and Pyschedelic Fabrics.  Today’s Bohemian Style is updated with sleek modern lines and clean white walls as a back drop.


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