How To Become An Antique Dealer

So you want to be an Antiques Dealer .. Becoming an antiques dealer sounds like a easy way to make money. Everyone has seen the Antiques Roadshow where a $2 item turns out to be worth a small fortune.But there is so much more that needs to be learned about the antiques business plus youContinue reading “How To Become An Antique Dealer”

Collecting Fun Fiesta Ware

Fiesta Ware New and Old is a useful and fun item to collect!  Fiesta is the  most popular dinnerware ever produced. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and are sure to brighten any kitchen they are used or displayed in. Fiesta will surely put a smile on your face even on a dark and drearyContinue reading “Collecting Fun Fiesta Ware”

Vintage Restaurant Ware China

Restaurant ware, are plates, bowls, cups and saucers, and other simialr items such as creamers and side dishes made especially for use in restaurants. Homer Laughlin, Shenango, Sterling, Jackson, Wallace, Syracuse, Tepco, and Buffalo are some of the best known manufacturers of restaurant ware. Restaurant ware is generally heavier than dinnerware produced for the home.Continue reading “Vintage Restaurant Ware China”

Should You Hire a Professional Estate Liquidator ?

Before you have a garage sale Ask yourself this question. Should I hire a Professional Estate Sale company? Hire an Estate Sale Company Or Do It Yourself? Reasons you should consider an Estate Liquidator. Families often find themselves needing to sell the contents of a house so it can be sold or passed on toContinue reading “Should You Hire a Professional Estate Liquidator ?”


Estate Sale Tips 1) Start at  – type in your state and zip code and a list of sales will magically appear.  Many include pictures so you will know if it’s worth your time.  Don’t forget to check your local newspapers and the Craigslist garage sale section too. 2) Map out your courseContinue reading “ESTATE SALE SHOPPING TIPS !”