The Big Move

No one likes to move.. but the time has come for me to make some business choices.. I am consolidating my shops, after over 10 years I will be closing my shop located at 120 W Main Street.. I will no longer have a presence in the Annex .. The times they are a changing, an I am taking my business in a new direction.  I will be holding a 50% and more sale this weekend selling Cabinets, Displays, Loads of Antique and Vintage Decorator Items.. Paintings, and Antique Prints Galore..  3ashop2                   myshop3

Published by michelles antiques

Michelle's Antiques llc 418 N. Hunt located off University at Hunt Dr. look for our signs. An eclectic shop filled with curated items from the PAST.

3 thoughts on “The Big Move

    1. Hi thank you so much for following and taking time to read my blog.. When you don’t own your building you are at the mercy of others, it was time to make some business decisions. Never saw it coming but I am making plans for my business and believe exclusive internet sales are in my future.

      1. Yes, I agree, the internet has to be a part of the antique business now. I love living in the building with my business; that is a big part, too, in keeping the actual business running. Of course, with that comes the part of the week when I’m on the roof, glazing the windows! I’m always interested in the network of other people who are doing this. It can feel like one is on an island sometimes.

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