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What is “impaired to the slightest degree”?…

“Impaired to the slightest degree”

Arizona and other states it is widely known that the legal limit for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is over a .08 blood or breath alcohol level.  But what is not commonly talked about is that a person can get a DUI even if their Blood/Breath Alcohol level is less than a .08.  Yes, if your BAC is less than a .08 you can get a DUI.

A.R.S. 12-1381(a)(1) says that if a person drives or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance and is “impaired to the slightest degree” than you are guilty of a DUI.

53  years ago, my husband a then 17 year old was traveling a quiet country road with three friends. The group of boys had picked up my husband Richard who spent the summer at the family  cabin in Valparaiso Indiana.  The boys were driving home to Hinsdale IL excited to begin their senior year of high school the next day .  Only minutes on the road, little did they know what lie ahead of them.

That same evening, two men went on a drinking binge, , they got into their automobile and began to wreck havoc along the quiet country road, causing numerous accidents along their path, while driving on the wrong side of the road they ended their lives when they collided with the boys in the Greenbriar Van Slamming head on the men were killed instantly, the boys were left a mass of tangled steel and debris.

The police arrived almost instantly, they had been alerted earlier  to the pending doom and were looking for the men trying to avert a disaster ..

The boys were all unconscious, and were laid at the side of the road, their bodies so mangled they were thought to be dead, by some miracle all the boys survived, after long months in the hospital they healed and went on to live long healthy lives.

Don’t  Drive Drunk car

Are Antique Shops A Thing of The PAST ?

Are Antique Shops Becoming A Thing Of The PAST ?

 Antique Shops literally are becoming a thing of the PAST.

Change is evident in The Antique Business as prices fall,  dealers drop out and an onslaught of cheap imitations flood the  market. Much of the antiques busness has moved to eBay and other internet sites. People don’t browse shops like they used to, foot traffic has slowed down and what was once hot is not.

Today, fewer young people seem to care about antiques, preferring to buy new or reproduction decorator items. They don’t want to decorate with Antiques. And Baby Boomers   seem  to collect novelties from their childhood years, rather  than to invest in pricey Victorian furniture built 100 years or more ago.

These changes have changed as well as  devastated the industry.  Young people don’t want clutter, collectibles such as wagon wheels and milk cans rarely sell anymore, and nobody wants antique dinner glassware. Fine china dinnerware sits and collects dust on shelves while hot wheels and vintage toys get snapped up. Mid Century items from 1950s – 1970s items like typewriters, lamps are all the rage with the younger crowd minimalist decorating ..
 Mid Century Industrial whats hot today.

Prices have plummeted, the lower prices  result from a simple principle of supply and demand because the internet has flooded the market.

Do we really need brick and mortar shop where you can wait for weeks, and months to sell an item when you can list it on the net and get world wide exposure.