A Brief History of the Ouija Board

A Brief History of the Ouija Board BY E MCCARTHY As a method of supposed communication with the spirit world, the Ouija board has terrified countless slumber partying children and served as a plot vehicle in a number of Hollywood films. Here’s where it came from. Spiritualism and Pre-Ouija Methods Ouija boards have their rootsContinue reading “A Brief History of the Ouija Board”

Downtown Mesa An Antique Lover’s Paradise

In Downtown Mesa Arizona you will find  8 unique Antique and Vintage Shops. From  a 25,000 sq ft two story antique mall to a once a month vintage market place filled with vintage home decor. There’s something for everyone, from Rustic Primitive to Victorian Style. You will find mid century furniture, antique and vintage homeContinue reading “Downtown Mesa An Antique Lover’s Paradise”

2nd Friday Night Out in Downtown Mesa

Things have been popping in downtown Mesa Arizona, an Antique and Vintage Shoppers Paradise ! Mesa Arizona  2nd Friday Night Out a Family Friendly Event that features 50+ artists showcasing original artwork, live bands, food vendors, entertainment, galleries, contests with prizes, shops and restaurants are open, and much more!  Mesa downtown businesses, galleries, shops, andContinue reading “2nd Friday Night Out in Downtown Mesa”