Facebook Suspended My Account !

Facebook and Instagram without any notification has suspended my account ! I would not care except I worked hard to cultivate a following for my business !

I lost my partner, my soulmate, my one and only dear husband August 27th he was killed suddenly by Covid 19 Virus. I joined a Covid 19 Widows Support Group on Facebook and it has helped me cope and the members there helped me get through this incredible tough time. Losing someone to Covid is very traumatic unless you have experienced it you cannot know.

I posted a question about my husband Richards death certificate, and then found an article about that same subject. Soon after I was suspended ” my account is a danger ” and broke the FB rules..

In other words there is no FREE SPEECH left in America, if I disagree with another political party or I post facts about my husbands experience with Covid Medical Care or the lack there of I am now labeled a danger to society.

What is the government hiding? Plenty. Why aren’t people who get Covid receiving standardized quality of nationwide ? Depending on who your doctor is, what state you are in what hospital you arrive results in a life or death situation. My husband’s care was horrifying and I would not want anyone else to suffer this way, but on the Covid support sight I found there were many others whos spouse or loved one lost their life the same agonizing way my husband did.

They do not want anyone to speak out. My husband had the vax, he was a person with serious ailments he should have received the anti body treatment , an inhaler , zpack , and prednisone immediately but he didnt !!!!!! Because all the government can talk about is vaxing people making money for big pharma.

I think they want this death and destruction to gain power and control of the People.

Rest In Peace My LOVE.

This is my opinion based upon facts.

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