When it comes to antique home decor Everyone has different tastes and budgets.


items3With the proper help, you can easily stay within your small or large budget, and get that high style that you desire for your home. Michelle’s Antiques and Vintage Marketplace, located in the charming downtown Mesa AZ, has all the tools and knowledge to aid you in your decorating pursuits. We have a wide array of styles, textures, sizes, colors, and designs to fit with any style of room.
At Michelle’s Antiques and Vintage Marketplace, we take pride in the variety and uniqueness of our antique pieces displayed in antiquesmesaour 2,000 square foot shop, six rooms filled with curated vintage and antique wares.
Are you searching for that big centerpiece, or unique style for you little girls bedroom? Perhaps you’re looking for a chic vintage table providing the perfect space for entertaining guests or an Antique to add to your collection? You will not be disappointed with our unique stock, so come visit us to find your perfect antique decor!

The New Shop A New Door Opens

After so many years inside the Antique Plaza, I can hardly believe I am about 90 % moved out. This move is not something I could have ever predicted, I clearly thought my shop would be in there for another 18 years.

The New Shop, ” Michelle’s Antiques Vintage Marketplace ” is located just around the corner, two doors down from the Plaza, and only one block from another Newby to our Downtown ” Pole Barn Primitives “.  Downtown Mesa boasts 7 fabulous Antique and Vintage Shops, Boutiques, A Kitschy  Record Shop, Museums and a host of Coffee Shops and Restaurants making for a great day off shopping, browsing and enjoying.


Historic Downtown Mesa AZ

Those looking for vintage treasures and relics from days gone by, there will soon be a new place to hunt for treasures in Downtown Mesa.

Main Street Mesa AZ  Known for having some great shops, boutiques, galleries , Antique Mall and Antique Shops will be sporting another shop, Michelle’s Antiques & Vintage Marketplace will be opening  the first of February.

Michelle’s Antiques was located in the Antique Plaza Antique Mall and the Annex , and will be opening a shop just around the corner from the Plaza. Literally, the new shop will be located on the corner of Macdonald Street and the entrance to the Plaza..


Stay tuned for updates..


Opening Soon in Downtown Mesa AZ


Merry Main Street Mesa AZ


Merry Main Street is back ! And the festivities are bigger and better than ever.  The Christmas Tree lighting is set for November 27th 545pm at the corner of Macdonald and Main Street in Downtown Mesa..

The Winter  Wonderland on  Merry Main Street will have an ice skating rink this year , can you believe it  right here in downtown Mesa .

The shops will remain open the evening of Merry Main Street for your holiday shopping ..

Santa’s Marketplace & Mesa’s Christmas Tree

Fridays & Saturdays (Dec. 4 – 19)
Various Times
Throughout Downtown




What is “impaired to the slightest degree”?…

“Impaired to the slightest degree”

Arizona and other states it is widely known that the legal limit for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is over a .08 blood or breath alcohol level.  But what is not commonly talked about is that a person can get a DUI even if their Blood/Breath Alcohol level is less than a .08.  Yes, if your BAC is less than a .08 you can get a DUI.

A.R.S. 12-1381(a)(1) says that if a person drives or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance and is “impaired to the slightest degree” than you are guilty of a DUI.

53  years ago, my husband a then 17 year old was traveling a quiet country road with three friends. The group of boys had picked up my husband Richard who spent the summer at the family  cabin in Valparaiso Indiana.  The boys were driving home to Hinsdale IL excited to begin their senior year of high school the next day .  Only minutes on the road, little did they know what lie ahead of them.

That same evening, two men went on a drinking binge, , they got into their automobile and began to wreck havoc along the quiet country road, causing numerous accidents along their path, while driving on the wrong side of the road they ended their lives when they collided with the boys in the Greenbriar Van Slamming head on the men were killed instantly, the boys were left a mass of tangled steel and debris.

The police arrived almost instantly, they had been alerted earlier  to the pending doom and were looking for the men trying to avert a disaster ..

The boys were all unconscious, and were laid at the side of the road, their bodies so mangled they were thought to be dead, by some miracle all the boys survived, after long months in the hospital they healed and went on to live long healthy lives.

Don’t  Drive Drunk car