Why Are Antique Malls Going Out Of Business? “

“Where Did They Go And Why Did They Leave?”

I was a seller in an Antique Mall for nearly 18 years. I enjoyed going to the store every few days, merchandising my many booths and adding new items I enjoyed talking to other sellers. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that remaining in that antique mall was not a smart business decision. I was paying way more in rent than I was netting every month, it was an expensive way to store my inventory. So I moved out and opened my own brick and mortar shop I also increased my online presence, Luckily for me I did ~ this Covid Shut Down Would have been my downfall .. We kept selling from our store while mall dealers were shut out. Owning your own shop has its merits.

Dealers who never change their merchandise, many malls need vendors to afford the rent and they are not as discriminating as they should be the vendor booths are poorly maintained and they are not merchandising their items, just crowd stuff on shelves and on the floor.

Dealers don’t research their items properly or do not have the knowledge : It’s amazing how many vendors put a high price on every item, label items vintage or antique when clearly they are not.

Inability to control image: In a Mall surrounded by other dealers/merchandise, the only area I had control over was my own. If someone beside me kept never changed out inventory or sold low quality items, this brought down the general atmosphere of the store.

Declining quality of merchandise sold in antique mall : My personal experience is that the level of merchandise available in many antique malls has been on the decline. If a mall owner is not vigilant in the quality of merchandise that dealers bring in the mall will lose foot traffic. When a mall owner is not willing to prohibit new items or or Goodwill type merchandise, this leads to a decline in quality of merchandise and overall is not good for anyone. Higher quality dealers get frustrated and move out looking for better selling venues.

The Economy: The covid shut down has hurt a lot of small business and Antique Malls are not immune . When the economy was shuttered dealers in malls could not access their merchandise they had no control, while independent antique shops could remain open for private shopping days, smaller shops have less square foot than big box malls, so their rent is more affordable and antique malls depend upon vendors to pay the rent. During the shut down landlords still want their rent, and many vendors opted to leave this can be pretty costly for the mall owners.

Benefits of Hiring an Estate Sale Company

Though you can organize an estate sale on your own, hiring an Estate Sale Company (or Estate Liquidator) saves you time and stress. It may even make you more profit — even after you pay the liquidator’s fees.

  1. We sort, clean, price, and stage the merchandise all items to maximize the best  outcome for your sale.
  2.  We provide all tables, displays and signs.
  3. We take care of advertising and any required permits. 
  4. We hire and pay for our own staff.
  5. We will clean up and clear out the property after the estate sale ends.

Pricing your merchandise appropriately is one of the most important services we provide to you. We have access to professional appraisers when needed and we have the expertise and knowledge in pricing a wide variety of items. We stay current with trends in the industry to better serve you.

You shouldn’t have to do extra work. The reason why you are thinking of having a sale is stressful enough, so don’t take on too much.  We are only a phone call away. We love what we do and we are good at it. So let us take it from here.

We stage your furniture

We organize & price


We leave you a neat tidy home.

Michelle’s Antiques Professional Rewiring & Lamp Restoration

Michelle’s Antiques Lamp Rewiring and Antique Victrola & Fan Restoration.

Our shop is located at 418 N Hunt ( University and Hunt ) Mesa AZ

Michelle’s Antiques,  is dedicated to providing our clients with quality antiques, lighting and decorative art. We carry many styles including: Spanish Revival, Mid-Century Modern, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco.

Repair and Restoration Service Available.

afterAlong with Antique Victrola Repair , Michelle’s Antiques offers expert antique lamp lighting re-wiring and restoration, rewiring and restoration of antique fans, we can rewire most any vintage electric appliance as well.  We now offer vintage doll restringing. 

Please bring your items to the shop for a free estimate. 



Lamp and Fan Rewiring

For The Love Of Antique Art Glass

I have long loved and appreciated Antique art glass. There are so many beautiful artistic pieces to choose from long, delicate, graceful shapes or a brilliant cranberry red or delicately intricate design. Collecting antique art glass in the 21st C. is getting more difficult but can be fun and  rewarding as well.  artglass4

The techniques and chemistry of making antique art glass had been known in Europe since the early 19th century, and the increased ability to mass produce items in the early 1900’s enabled designers such as Rene Lalique to produce millions of pieces. But, it wasn’t until many British and Bohemian glass makers emigrated in the 1850’s that America became interested in the process.

The boom in American art glass did not begin until 1883 when Joseph Locke of the New England Glass Company invented and patented a new method of shading colored glass by reheating it, known as Amberina. Amberina is a transparent glass which contains gold powder giving it an amber color, but when the glass is reheated the amber color changes to ruby red.

artglass3Locke’s method was copied by the Mt. Washington Glass Company in America later giving it the name Rose Amber of which is very difficult to distinguish from Locke’s antique art glass pieces. This new development created an increased interest among glass designers to explore and experiment with glass more as an art form and as a sculptural material.

Many new methods and techniques were created and art glass production exploded, producing beautiful new designs, colors and surfaces, appealing to new buyers and giving the collector a variety of beautiful pieces to choose from. Antique art glass includes cameo glass, Burmese, Mercury glass, Albertine, enameled glass, and Peach Blow to name a few. Many of these same techniques have continued to be used by contemporary glass makers.

amberinag Victorian Amberina New England Glass Company



 Resource Antique Central general information and history of antiques and collectibles.

Surviving In The 21 Century Antiques Market

In our shop we sell everything from old family snapshots for $1 a each to 18th-century chairs $500 ea. There have been more young people buyinbooksg antiques,though few are interested in fine furniture and china, a sign of changing tastes and lifestyles. Most shoppers are seeking unique and unusual items of every era, things that they can use in their homes. We have to educate young folks that everything old can be new again and breath new life into items by repurposing.

Our business is constantly evolving, the internet has changed how we do business, and Antique Shops have to evolve along with the changing times, styles and trends of the 21 century.

There are fewer antiques stores than there were a few decades ago,  but there are still  new stores popping up and thriving. Downtown Mesa Vintage District is a perfect example with 8 shops along one block on Main Street.When you have a lot of stores in one area, then you have a destination, and you draw customers.