Retiring Sale Coming January 20, 2022

The passing of my husband and partner Richard forces me to close this shop. The Sale begins January 20th thru 22nd storewide savings 25% and more. This is phase one, we will be continually updating and adding items. This will be an on going enterprise until everything is sold! All offers will be considered, dealersContinue reading “Retiring Sale Coming January 20, 2022”

Facebook Suspended My Account !

Facebook and Instagram without any notification has suspended my account ! I would not care except I worked hard to cultivate a following for my business ! I lost my partner, my soulmate, my one and only dear husband August 27th he was killed suddenly by Covid 19 Virus. I joined a Covid 19 WidowsContinue reading “Facebook Suspended My Account !”


Buddy Lee dolls My Buddy Lee obsession began March 2020 and now I can’t stop myself. I am constantly on the lookout for Buddys. Buddy Lee was an advertising mascot for Lee Jeans. The doll, a promotional item for the company from 1920 to 1962, was brought back as the star of television advertisingContinue reading “BUDDY LEE ‘ MAN OF ACTION ‘”


The MCM movement spanned from about 1933 to 1970s and included architecture as well as industrial, interior, and graphic design. Though it began in the 30s Mid Century Modern or ” MCM ” is most often thought of as beginning in the 1950’s . The movement was largely influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s simplicity, andContinue reading “MID CENTURY MODERN MOVEMENT”