How Anteekers Become Antique Dealers

Most of us start out as collectors and then we become obsessed collectors of more than one thing.  Then the day arrives when we decide that we need to narrow down our collectibles.  We want to get our money back….. we want to purge….. we want to collect something else, we are over flowing with greatContinue reading “How Anteekers Become Antique Dealers”


My desk is a mess.  But, it’s my mess, and it feels very in-control to me. When you regularly  fail to put things in their designated place,  you  have  be creative figuring out ways to make it all fit. A recent study suggests that working in a sloppy setting may actually help inspire creative thinking.Continue reading “BEHIND MY MESSY DESK”

19th Century Coverlets Americana Folk Art From a Time Gone By

I just purchased a gorgeous pristine Antique Woven Coverlet .. dates from 1850s Ohio signed by Weaver Daniel Bury American Folk Art from a time gone by.                                                      Below is historyContinue reading “19th Century Coverlets Americana Folk Art From a Time Gone By”