Using Instagram To Its Full Potential

 I just stared to get active on Instagram last month.. Every Summer sales in the shop slow down, even ebay, facebook and etsy have been  sluggish this summer, so I decided to expand my horizons adding Instagram to my shop portfolio..  Logging onto Facebook one day a post from Jill Newman of JunknLove appeared on my timeline.  ” Are you using Instagram to it’s full potential to build your brand recognition and grow your following? ” Jill was offering a workshop and or  private Instagram tutoring the timing was perfect!  I had dabbled myself but didn’t quite understand the entire process.


Above one of my first Instagram shots.

Instagram is filled with some  awesome photos, but mine were lacking, I had no idea how everyone got those crisp clear shots.. Nothing I did worked.. Thanks to Jill, I learned about apps and enhancements, now I don’t feel like such a photographic failure.. I am still in process of learning but I think my pics have improved,  I continue experimenting..


Jill introduced me to apps that help me get the bright crisp look I was trying to achieve. And with some experimenting I have learned angling and prospective shots..

bluestuff2On Instagram, I have met a large group of like minded folks from all over the world we help each other out, we are all seeking followers and sales everyone shares and encourages one another…. Thanks to Jill’s help my Instagram Shop went from 20 followers to almost 1300 in 3 weeks., In addition to new followers,  I have made three sales and brought  many new customers into my shop! Not too shabby..for a beginner..

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